Sunday, June 09, 2013

JVC Kenwood's Car Navigation System : The Rearview Mirror

That turn-by-turn NAV system on your smartphone sure works great.  All that looking down to check it, though, means you're spending even more time with your eyes off the road.  The JVC Kenwood MDV-737 HUD can help with that, giving you a see-through heads-up display right next to the rearview mirror.
 Instead of looking down, you have just to look slightly upwards, so you don't have to lose sight of the road ahead.  While that doesn't sound like a giant leap of improvement, it could very well make the difference between rear-ending someone's six-wheeled truck after being so distracted staring at your nav system and being able to see that off-road monstrosity ahead just in time.
The HUD is attached to a rearview mirror. The size and pixel count of the D-ILA device are 0.37 inches and about 920,000, respectively. Its screen size is seven inches (when it is 2m away from the driver). With a white LED light source, it has a color temperature of 4,000K and a brightness of 15,000cd/m2. Its operating temperature range is 0 to +45°C. 

The system displays information in a way that the driver can understand it intuitively. For example, when the vehicle is approaching an intersection at which it needs to make a turn, a large arrow is displayed. Also, at complicated intersections in urban areas, 3D images are used. Detailed information such as map information is shown on a normal LCD monitor.
The main unit contains a terrestrial digital broadcast tuner and can display TV programs. It can play CDs and DVDs. It supports the USB1.1/2.0 and Bluetooth interfaces. And it has an SD memory card slot. 

The unit is equipped with a three-dimensional gyro sensor and can measure the location of the vehicle with a high accuracy. The LCD monitor uses a 7V-type wide (width: 156.6mm, height: 81.6mm, diagonal: 176.6mm) TN (twisted nematic)-mode transmissive LCD panel using LED backlight. 

Slated for release sometime this month, the JVC Kenwood MDV-737 HUD will be priced at ¥250,000 (around $2,500).

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